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Turns out experiences lead to way more happiness than things; experiences involve social bonds, relationships, expanding your perspective, learning, seeing the world, physical movement, and being outside. All of these create positive memories, which apparently matter for happiness when you become old and grey and wrinkly. Some 'things' may lead to experiences (e.g., boats, bunk beds), but most 'things' just collect dust and whisper "you don't need me...go outside and explore..." So, unless you want to buy us a boat (please don't), we are hoping you'll contribute to our honeymoon fund with HoneyFund (see what they did there? clever...).  However, to accommodate those who really feel strongly that we need a 12 piece dining set, and a bajilion-thread-count sheets, the Bride and Groom are also registered at Amazon and Crate&Barrel; please see the links below:   

1. The ultimate experience is the honeymoon, yes? Yes. We are registered with HoneyFund at the following web address: 

2. The second form of experience is the 'things' that lead to experiences. We like biking and Shawn loves volleyball. If you want to get us bikes or volleyball stuff, please see our registry with Amazon at the following web address:

3. For those who wish us to have brand newer, fancier versions of items we already have (except for knives, we really actually do need knives), we are registered at Crate and Barrel: 

**We also accept hugs, marital dancing rituals, origami animals, cookies, brownies, and... smiles**


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